Coaching for Candidates at The Talent Refinery


We coach leaders and executives so they can tell their stories in interviews, on LinkedIn and in their CVs

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

90 seconds. That’s how long it takes one out of three bosses to make a hiring decision. We provide one-on-one coaching to help you to make a strong first impression, to answer the questions you know are coming, and prepare for ones you might not expect. This isn’t about memorizing canned responses, it’s about helping you tell your story professionally and authentically.

“I was shortlisted for a senior level administration position but hadn’t interviewed for years, much less for that kind of opportunity. The Talent Refinery’s coaching helped me to clearly identify the strengths I would bring to the position, and gain confidence to complete all stages of the interview process. I credit my success in securing the position to The Talent Refinery.” — Michelle Grimes, Canada

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Psychometric Testing for Candidates

Psychometric Testing

Companies are using psychometric testing as a tool to filter candidates — they want to know how you think, your strengths and weaknesses, and whether you fit into their culture. Our certified behavioural profile analyst conducts a psychometric test for you, so you know what your profile is before an interview, and can preempt and prepare for the questions you’ll be asked.

“I completed a psychometric testing consultation ahead of a recent interview I did for a leadership role. Having a better understanding of how I behave at work enabled me to better answer the interview questions and also having started in my new role, I have a better understanding of myself and how I manage people. I highly recommend this service.” — Director, Oil & Gas Industry

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CV & LinkedIn Optimization

CV & LinkedIn Review

The average job opening attracts 250 applications. We help make yours stand out. A 2 hour call to discuss your career and your role, followed by a sharp, succinct CV and a LinkedIn profile that does more than re-state your resume.

“After many years of not having to look for a job, I was struggling to present all of my work experience into two relevant, succinct, clear and easy to read pages. I contacted The Talent Refinery to help and they did this perfectly, delivering a very presentable and detailed CV – the feedback from recruiters and companies has been very positive” — Senior Director, Oil & Gas

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