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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Seneca

In the catalogue of earthly wisdom there may be no more repeated truth than the importance of preparation. Athletes and musicians,...

You’re Not Answering Questions, You’re Telling Your Story

At the heart of every successful interview lies a compelling story; the challenge is how to craft yours, and how to best...

Interview Tips and Tricks

Stop “Being Yourself” In An Interview

No one aims to come across as inauthentic in a job interview and yet so many candidates do. They struggle to...

Interview Coaching for Candidates

Timing Your Job Interview                

In an attempt to summarize the science of when you should schedule your job interview, one article recommends:

UAE Job Market

A look at the UAE job market           

Based on survey findings from over 4,250 employers and employees across the region, Hays 2018 GCC Salary & Employment Report takes...