In the catalogue of earthly wisdom there may be no more repeated truth than the importance of preparation. Athletes and musicians, lawyers and doctors, investors and politicians – regardless of industry or occupation, the advice on how to succeed always contains a variation on the same theme: prepare, prepare, prepare.

And yet, when it comes to readying ourselves for perhaps the most critical moment in our professional lives – the job interview, the most significant opportunity to advance our career – my experience has shown that overwhelmingly more often than not, we are nowhere close to ready. Almost all candidates make the same set of mistakes:

  • Believing your CV, accolades, and seniority are all you need to tell your full professional story.
  • Speaking too much, rambling and interrupting, and not having clear answers to direct questions.
  • Exuding a lack of confidence, unconvincingly selling your strongest attributes, and being caught off guard by predictable questions or overwhelmed by nervousness in the spotlight of the interview-room.
  • Thinking that you remember – years removed from your last interview – how to interview.
  • Convincing yourself that you’re different, and that all you need is to “be yourself” and everything will go smoothly.

These errors – whether they stem from a lack of preparation or a lack of self-awareness – are entirely preventable. Let me tell you how we address them at The Talent Refinery.

Our Process

Our method is built on the principle that hope is not a strategy, preparation is. To that end, we believe that our best work comes when we provide a comprehensive range of services to a small number of senior leaders and executives. This combination – as our results have shown – is what works. You get substantial one-on-one time and attention, and we tailor the fundamentals of our programme to meet your specific needs. This may include a complete revitalization of your CV, thorough psychometric testing, and many hours of interview preparation.

Do you know what value you provide? How do you tell the story of your career? How do you weave together a concise, compelling, and authentic narrative that resonates with Hiring Managers? How do you get noticed – and be remembered – for the right reasons? Most people don’t know the answers to these questions, but everybody can– we exist to help you discover them, so you can set the table for success later.

Your preparation – like the suit you wear to the interview – is an investment, one of immeasurable value that pays dividends for years to come.

How We Do It

First, we conduct a 90-minute interview that replicates the range of conditions and questions likely found in the actual interview. We record it, then assess it according to a number of factors: immediate first impressions and overall demeanor, the quality and structure of interview answers, body language, tone of voice and pace of communication. It is thorough, and necessarily so.

In the second session we do the psychometric assessment feedback and explain its relevance to the recruitment process – focusing on any potential concerns a Hiring Manager may have. We also dive into the specific interview areas with which you are struggling, repeatedly fine-tuning the areas that need it most.

The final phase is repetition – we do it again and again until you are confident and ready.

More than practice alone, we provide you with a tangible and comprehensive document upon completion of the coaching sessions that can be used in preparation for any subsequent interview. It details each question we have asked, the key areas for improvement, and specifics about your psychometric report that allow you to align your strengths and leadership style with the roles for which you are interviewing.

Our standards are high, our process is rigorous, and we take great pride in the quality of our services. Our strongest endorsements will always be our results.